~a lil update~


oh…today im quite releaseee….yeahhh..release from the things that moving around my mind.hehe..

td pegi yoga..mggu lepas x pegi sbb cm x sehat sgt rasa..so mggu ni pegi la..tp ade lg sejam..rabu ni kalu sempat n x balik lagi bole pegi lagi..last klas kott..hehe..then this week the instructor want us to do head stand !!

oh my gosh..bole ke aku wat nih??cm x brani je..huhu.. sebbek pkai dinding as back support. so cm x tkt sgt la kan.hehe. at last after a few trying the head stand, akhirnye bole wat sendiri..saya bangga dengan diri sendiri.hakhakhak…

*yoga head stand*

this is why i love yoga so much…okes las..another update will coming soon bout my petommes besday!! [dodot,dordor n nadzz]

daa~ for now.. 😛


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