huhu..kenapa nak bg meimei kat org??sayang kut kat memei.meimei is just like my little sis that i really love. my tears start to burst mhen mom told me she gonna give meimei to her friend. n of kos im crying like hell becos of it.mom will giv her tomorrow to her friend. i cant imagine that moment. surely meimei also would be so sad. this afternoon mom play with meimei,she was so nice now.before this she soo garang and like to geget.mom said to meimei “mak nak bg meimei kat orang”,and suddenly she look at mom.think she shock n sad. if i were at her place,of kos its a very sad moment. and suddenly,mom felt touched and she’s crying. when i heard this story,without i realise my tears flowing from my eyes. i love all my cats but i really love meimei more than others. dont know why.perhaps she is the cutest among all.eventhough my hand calar2 bekos of her,but i love her the most!!

*my little lovely ‘sis’*

*i’m lovin’ it*


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