Yosh!!here i am again dunno what to do so i put my words on my lovey dovey blogie..haha..today is just like yesterday..sitting in front of my pc n diya at her own pc..only 2 of us..everything is just like yesterrrddaayyyy~(watching movies,donlod2,etc)~

for today’s lunch?hmmm…again chipsmore n koko kerunch also have an addition which is maggi mini asam laksa..aiyoh..not very like that maggi..i leb vegetable flavor with pepper stolen from mekdi..hakhak..but never mind la,asam laksa pon asam laksa la..janji x kebulo..hb3 punye kedai x bkk.nak menapakk gi hb2 pule malas walopon ari mendung.namun kalu pegi hb2 pon bkn ade ape pon..kedai mkck kelate tutup..aiyoh..apsal skrg bnyk kdai nak tutup eh??dengar kate western n kedai air kt hb3 nih nak ditutup..huhu..da taleh da nak bekpes naget seblom pegi kelas o tapaw teh aes selepas balek kelas..hukhuk

anyway..da kenyang da pon..hohoh..makan smbil tgk bbllloooooo!!~


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